The BREATH BELT (Limited Time Offer)

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THE BREATH BELT is a diaphragmatic breath training tool that activates the gluteal muscles. The non stop, tactile diaphragmatic breath cues alleviate muscles and fascial restriction of the abdominal muscles, allows the Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum Muscles to function with less restriction.

THE BREATH BELT is now helping thousands of clients as well as numerous professional and college sports teams in corrective movement, rehabilitation, and strength training. It is an incredibly powerful tool to help an athlete or coach make the link between diaphragmatic breathing and an optimal glute firing pattern as they are tied systems.

The BREATH BELT Features:

  • 10 built-in stabilizing supports & internal sleeves
  • Secure, double-belt closure for customizable active compression
  • High performance fabric is lightweight, breathable & fabric infused to reduce odor
  • Allows full range of motion while supporting lower back during activity
  • Wear under or over clothing

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