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Best Fitness Product on the Market Today!

Train Your Breathing Muscles Like Every Other Muscle, With Intent!

The Ultimate Recovery and Rehabilitation Tool!


Diaphragmatic breath training tool that activates the gluteal muscles. The non stop, tactile diaphragmatic breath cues alleviate muscles and fascial restriction of the abdominal muscles, allows the Psoas and Quadratus Lumborum Muscles to function with less restriction.

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Product Features

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Every Athlete should be wearing this!!

"I immediately felt my lower abs working, I love the support and stability that it coaches and it teaches. I would recommend this to any athlete, in any sport because when ever you compete or are working out, your core is vital!"

Von Miller, Denver Broncos

The Missing Link in the Fitness Industry!

"The breath belt trains the breathing muscles like every other muscle - with a plan and intention! It's the best fitness product on the market right now, truly the missing link in the fitness industry!"

Junior Leoso, Pacific Beach Training

I can wear it everywhere!

“I’ve had my BREATH BELT for four days now and love that I’ve been able to instantly notice improvements in breathing and posture. The sleek design allows for discreet wearing under clothes so I can wear it everywhere!”

Sara Ion, Celebrity Trainer

Industry Game Changer!

“It’s been a game changer for me especially with running, it feels like it did when I was a kid. My muscles stay loose yet explosive and my squat has never felt better! It has been an amazing tool and all my clients love it!”

Sam Whitworth, Chiropractor

Incredible Leaps in Strength!

“I am loving how I can throw the belt on, breathe into it and can instantly feel warmed up, ready for any workout. As an athlete I feel even stronger while wearing the belt and have seen incredible leaps in strength and agility gained!”

Laura Holt, Collegiate Athlete

Developed by NFL Player, Jesse Ohliger, the BREATH BELT was created to solve a 10 year bout with hip and lower back pain.

After a year of consultations with an array of Doctors, Rehabilitation Specialists and Strength and Conditioning coaches, it became clear that all modalities were missing something to connect breath mechanics to optimal hip function – as they are tied systems. It became evident that a tool was needed to alleviated tight abdominal tissues that restrict the prime movers, QL & PSOAS, against gravity during exercise.

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Non Stop Tactile Breath Cues

Multi-Use Applications

The BREATH BELT is currently being used by high school Athletes, high level Collegiate Athletes, Elite Health & Fitness Professionals, Healthcare Professionals, Celebrities, the United States Army, Olympic Athletes, former Mr. Olympia’s, and Professional Athletes associated with the National Football League, the National Hockey League, Major League Baseball, Major League Soccer, Brazilian jiu-jitsu, and Mixed Martial Arts.

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"The Ultimate Recovery and Rehabilitation Tool Being Used By Tactical, College & Professional Sports Teams Worldwide"

It's a product I truly believe in!

"The Breath Belt is a very simple tool that has real world application in all of life's activities. I've been using the Breath Belt daily since 2019 – it's a product I truly believe in." -Garage Gym Labs


Start Breathing Better Today!

The BREATH BELT is currently helping thousands of clients as well as numerous college and professional sports teams in corrective movement, rehab and Strength & Conditioning.