- Inventor: Jesse Ohliger
- KDIP (Kettlebell. Dumbbell. Injury Prevention)
- High quality, weather resistant adjustable grips that stand the test of time and grind!
- 3.8" x 5.25" Black with White .25" Border. Adjustable for Kettlebell, Dumbell, Barbell
- Comes with double sided tape for bulk orders in case owner wants permanent grips for set
- Built-in Injury Prevention: Activates more muscles in the hand, which activate more muscles in elbow/shoulder complex
- Better compression of grip changes the perception of the weight and feel in the brain (DBs feels like Fatbells!)

The original concept was developed in October 2021 while working on a first of its kind product THUNDERKAPS - high quality grips for the 'Landmine" Endcap of Barbells & Prowler stock steel handles. The first prototype was made on November 11th, 2021 by cutting out an old bike handle grip attempting an adjustable grip that would multi purpose for Kettlebell, Dumbbell and Barbell. This original prototype had an "W" rough design so that regardless of steel handle, the middle and ring finger would always have grip.


After a few weeks of testing, the best design appeared to be an "N" type design in which the entire outer hand would be the "high side." This way  the middle, ring and pinky fingers would alway have a better grip to both control and stabilize the weight better.

(This prototype was 60% of the size)
The original idea is to have a set of grips that could be used for multi-use for KB, DB, Barbell, Pull-Up Bar, etc. Weather resistant, durable enough for a cold climate gym to be able to actually put on a heater to keep warm and not crack. This way clients wouldn't be discouraged from lifting 10 degree weights in the winter.
(The LEFT and RIGHT Grips will mirror each other). The design will be black with a white .25" border around the edges.

The goal of KDIP GRIPS is to SOLVE the grip issue for steel stock handles that come with each KB, DB and Barbell for Injury Prevention benefits on the wrist, elbow and shoulder complex. They will come in a PAIR, for Left and Right Hand. The outer half of the grips will be RAISED to ensure the MIDDLE, RING and PINKY fingers always have proper hold on a high quality compressive grip with custom proven patterning.

Joe and Jesse at Indy City Barbell Powerlifting meet 2020

I first met Joe Sullivan thru a mutual friend at my first powerlifting meet late in 2020. I was in town to see JL Holdsworth (RPR partner with THE BREATH BELT) who was holding the meet at his gym The Spot Athletics in Columbus, Ohio. After briefly meeting Joe, I was surprised to learn he organically bought THE BREATH BELT in 2019 thru our partners at Kabuki Strength. At the time, THE BREATH BELT had picked up quickly in high sports performance, and i wanted to learn more about the powerlifting community.  We had a quickly growing number of powerlifting clientele coming primarily thru Kabuki Strength education. Joe and I spoke over the next few weeks, started working together and have been getting belts on hips ever since!

I have been updating Joe since then with updates to design and how it could be used in the Powerlifting community. We met up in my hometown of Miami, FL while he was coaching at a meet at Hybrid Performance. Brianny Terry and Joe gave excellent feedback to what can be improved for the Powerlifting community. I gave tweeks to my designer  & manufacturer in Los Angeles and the project is underway. Very excited to get a spot in line for manufacturing and bring this product to market aiming for end of Spring!


(Hybrid Performance, Miami FL)

My first and only invention to this point was The Breath Belt. To get the product out there , I had made it my job the last few years to see as many high level respected coaches and weight rooms in NCAA/Pro sports as possible for feedback. The goal was to find the best way to integrate the BB into college performance training just like another product  (TRX) i was attempting to trail. I became obsessed with how the BB could be an effective tool in the weightroom, and was fortunate to spend time with great coaches and observe multiple male and female teams at different universities at all levels. I have been fortunate to have friendships with many of these coaches during this time -so when i had the ideas for THUNDERKAPS and KDIP GRIPS, it became clear that it could be immediately adopted across the board. More importantly, as schudules are tight with college/pro athletes, KDIP GRIPS could seamlessly integrate with current equipment while adding built in injury prevention to a number of exercises.

There have been other companies that have put their spin on grips. I believe KDIP GRIPS will provide instant injury prevention and EARLY SUCCESS in use to the vast majority of  Powerlifters, Bodybuilders, Gen Pop and Newbies to the Iron Obsession.



This one is self explanatory as everyone already knows what this feels like. Other than being used on competition powerlifting meet, KDIP GRIPS can  be used for anything else! Activate more muscles in the hand, activate more muscles in the shoulder complex.

Some very simple tests with men and women of all ages I used:

On a strict hang test from rings or pull up bar, people with KDIP GRIPS overlayed could hang 15%- 20% longer then the first strict hang test 10 minutes before.  This test worked on pushups and pull ups. Outside of the obvious feel of the grips, I believe the brain thinks its in a safer environment for the mind/muscle connection - but i dont know for sure. All i know is it works on everyone. The equivilent would be playing football barefoot on a cement field opposed to wearing cleats on a grass field....maybe the difference of driving a car on steel rims opposed to tires? I'll work on my examples lol.

This test is self explanatory as steel has no compression feedback, and KDIP GRIPS material has a sticky/tacky no slip feel similar to a thick golf club.


I can't give away all the surprises but i can tell you Im going to have some detailed innovation design within the actual grip pieces. The basic grip design will be similar to this, one of their most dependable, reliable and durable grips that stand the test of time and brutally cold weather.  If you look closely you can see happy and sad faces engrained in the grip. The possibilities are Endless but i have specifics already in place with my design group.


The biggest problem I have found after 3 months of searching - is that there are LITERALLY NO PRODUCTS WITH A 1.2" DIAMETER GRIP IN HEALTH AND FITNESS !! In fact, after raking countless industry products for products to repurpose, I could not find anything and was determined not to give up. Unfortunately, after much research and visiting multiple factories, the best option is to start from scratch and create something truly UNIQUE and necessary. The rest is happening in real time!

Typically, one mold for a smaller bike hand grip that fits 3/4" diameter is in the 5K-7K range. If you use 2 colors you need 2 MOLDS. And if the pairs ARE NOT IDENTICAL like most bike handles, you need a separate mold for each hand (2 molds for each color =4 molds! $$$).

The USA manufacture I am using l  ($38,000 for left and right molds, 2 colors) starting from scratch. I now know why inventors are detered from production, the cost alone for the mold is SCARY ! But, unfortunately i cannot afford to pay for this up front. I am hoping to get help from early adoptors with a higher price to help us combat the cost of the mold with a large presale. Once the molding costs are paid, my lonterm goal is to get the eventual MSRP in the $25 -$30 range when i can eventually made larger manufacturing orders

Standard 10-15K Molds for Bikes, Motorcycles, Jetskis.
KDIP GRIPS are larger than the standard grips, so they will have to be specialy made from scratch
(Wall of 200K molds for all sorts of product components for mold injection)


I have personally visited the factory in Southern California, they are a 40 yr old company in East LA providing unique, customized Grips for countless bike, motorcyle, jetski, gun companies as well as an array of components for all sorts of companies. They run 24/7 with 13 machines running mass production of products. I will have them ship to Breath Belt HQ in Pacific Beach, San Diego and ship from there to awaiting customers.


As I receieve 2D and 3D drawings, molds, working prototypes and spots in manufacturing lines,  I will be updating this page for early adopters to check the ongoing progress in the V1.0 process


My goal is to continue to test and innovate until a high quality and durable product pair that will stand the test of time, usage, and weather/ temperature. I will make a much needed solution with a look and FEEL that will keep the muscles in the wrists & shoulders and hands happy long term!!
Thank you for your time and I hope to have you as an early adopter!